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The one who started it all...  DF Chalk Talk

Chalk is the first Drum we added to the farm and we have never regretted it.  We first saw him when he was 3 mos old and he has been all he was advertised and more.  The back-bone of our farm, Chalk could not be bought at any price.  We may not produce foals any longer, but Chalk and his progeny will continue to influence and promote the Drum Horse for years to come.

Chalk is a 2002 Drum Horse.  He has logged tons and tons of "trail miles" from the mountains to the beaches, exhibited at Equine Affaire, been in numerous parades, breed exhibitions and even participated in the Parade of Breeds at Kentucky Horse Park where he was the first ever Drum Horse in the park!  He rides English, Western and Sidesaddle as well as drives and has pulled literally hundreds of brides to their weddings.  We have never found anything this guy won't do and do willingly.  He even loves to work cows!

Chalk is Tanya's heart and will be here forever.

Mariah's Bodhran

2005 Drum Horse Gelding.  Bobo is a special boy to us.  He was the first Drum foal born on our farm.  Scott & Tanya slept at the barn in the horsetrailer for three solid weeks because we wanted to be there when he was born!  He is Scott's horse and trusted partner these days.

Bit of trivia... "Bodhran" is the Gaelic word for Drum. 

Magnolia's Monticello

2005 Drum Horse Gelding, Monty is a half brother to our Chalk.  He joined us in 2006 when he was just 6 mos old.  Since she was 13 he has been ridden and loved by our 25 year old daughter Jordan.  Monty is the clown of the farm with his nose into literally everything.  We cannot imagine life without this guy!

JK Ima Skippy Hitman

1996 APHA gelding.  Hitman has been Tanya's buddy for quite a few years.  Purchased as a 2 yr old, Hitman has done it all.  He has been trail ridden from the mountains to the seas, has barrel raced with Tanya in both NBHA and IPRA, has taken the kids to game days and team penning and even helped Scott on a wild cattle round up!  You could not ask for a better all around horse.  Everyone just loves the Hitman!

Wauk Away Brave Bear

1995 Shetland Pony gelding.  Bear is just a pet, but loved just the same.  He enjoys visiting with kids who are less intimidated by him than by the big guys.


Not a horse, but a miniature donkey.  A few years ago our pony Bear had laminitis so now he can no longer be out with the big guys on the pasture.  He was living by himself and we couldn't have that, so we acquired Dotty to keep him company.  We never have to check the clock for evening feeding time...Dotty is more than happy to let us know! 

In June of 2016, Dotty presented us with a suprise!  This is little DonK.  We had no idea she was bred when we got her for Bear and now we have two Mini-Donkey's and a pony living together as a happy little family.

Mariah's Boon

Boon is Chalk's firstborn.  A colt born on our farm in 2006.  We don't own him any longer, but he is here because we are so proud of him!   He is owned and loved by Laura Moon of Moonlit Acres in FL, who has done a fabulous job with him.  Boon is special for a lot of reasons.  Not only is he Chalk's first foal, he has the same wonderful disposition and versatility as his sire.  Part of the reason he was chosen to be the Breyer Celebration model in 2012!  Boon rides and drives and just like his Dad, loves to carry brides to their weddings.  We are so proud of Boon and of Laura for all that they have accomplished!

What is a Drum Horse?

The Drum Horse is actually named after the job it performed.  Their main use was and is by the ceremonial British calvary as part of their regimental band.  These horses carry two silver kettle drums - plus a rider - during the Royal parades.  As much as 350lbs!  Drum Horses must be big and powerful to carry the great weight.  The drummers, control the horses with reins attached to their feet.  So an excellent temperament and lots of patience on the part of the Drum Horse are a must as well!

Prior to 1998, the Drum Horse was basically unknown in America and they are still quite rare.  They are usually the result of breeding two Drum Horses together or by breeding a Gypsy Horse to a Clydesdale or Shire.  One of the associations allows Fresian blood as well.  This crossing is done to combine the size of the larger Drafts with the feathering and coloring of the Gypsy Horses.  The Drum Horse makes an athletic, even tempered mount that can be competitive in many disciplines.

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