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Yes, we do offer goats for sale!  Because of the size of our herd its impossible to list everything we have.  Kidding generally begins in February of each year and we cannot keep them all, so if you are looking to add a quality dairy goat to your family, please email us for information on what is available.  Adult does, milkers or bred does are rarely, but occasionally available.

We maintain a closed herd that is tested yearly for CAE, TB, Brucellosis and Johnes.  All kids are bottle fed and handled regularly.  When you buy a goat from us, we offer support from then on.  You may call us at anytime for advice or information. 

We keep predominately purebred Lamancha's and a few cross-bred Lamancha/Saanen's.  All doe kids are registered 'Purebred', 'American' or 'Experimental'.  We do not sell unregistered doelings. Prices start at $250

Registered buck kids out of proven does are occasionally available. 
Prices start at $250.  No registered bucks will be sold from first freshening does.

Unregisterd buck kids - we can wether them for you - are available as pets or companions. 
Prices start at $75

We do offer pricing breaks for purchasing multiple animals.

Possum Kingdom Kreamery
520 Acker Road
Belton, SC 29627
Phone: 864-423-4048

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