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Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy

Welcome to Possum Kingdom Kreamery's home on the web!  We are a licensed Grade A Raw Milk Dairy and Creamery, located in Belton, SC, in a community referred to by locals as "Possum Kingdom".  We currently offer delicious raw goat milk, soft fresh Farmstead Goat Cheese's in several flavors, our Feta style cheese, Kefir, caramel sauce and farm fresh eggs.  These items are for sale here on the farm, as well as at retail stores around the Upstate.  New products are being developed and tested regularly, so check back frequently!

Since beginning the dairy in 2012 we have been amazed at how well we have been received!  We continue to grow every year and often struggle to keep up with demand.  We are very grateful!  We sincerely thank every one of our customers and retailers who have been and continue to be, part of our steady growth.    

Who We Are
Who We Are

Ours is a small family farm in Upstate South Carolina, located in a little town called Belton, in an area affectionately referred to by the locals as "Possum Kingdom".  We are Scott, Tanya, Alex and Jordan.  Tanya's parents moved here 46 years ago when she was a child and now her own family lives on the street she grew up on.

Both Scott and Tanya grew up with horses then Alex and Jordan as well.  For years thats where our farm focus lay.  In 2008 we shifted that focus and no longer breed horses.  We are still very active with our chosen breed, the American Drum Horse. For more information and to see the rest of our farm family, visit the Mariah Farms links to the left. 

We decided to change when we became tired of factory farming practices and not "knowing" our food, let alone concern about what went into it.  So we took steps to remedy that situation.  With the gardens we grow and the livestock we choose, we continue to advance toward our goal.  Also to that end we added dairy goats.  More specifically, the Lamancha breed.  What we didn't know was how much we would come to love these goats! They have become much more family members than livestock.  Its a family joke that we started a dairy so Tanya could have more goats!

The dairy was a natural progression so that we could share the wonderful milk our girls give.  Its hard work and long hours but we wouldn't change a thing!  We now have a farm store that sells our products as well as those from other local producers and handmade items.  We operate a cheese creamery and offer our soft fresh Farmstead Goat Cheese's, Kefir and Caramel for sale on farm, at farmer's markets and in select retailers.  Gelato and an extended selection of cheese's are in the plans for the future.

We are a working farm, so quite busy at times, but visitors are always welcome during store hours.  As of 2016, tours can be scheduled for groups!  Come visit with us, meet the goats and try the milk and cheese if you never have.  Especially if they've never tried goat milk before, folks tend to be quite pleasantly suprised how delicious it is!

Possum Kingdom Kreamery
520 Acker Road
Belton, SC 29627
Phone: 864-423-4048

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